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We are all aware of the many use cases of the internet in the business sector. Certainly, one of the most important uses of the internet for businesses today is information sharing among the stakeholders of a business. In the world of information and technology, business enterprises that cannot embrace information sharing are likely to be unable to operate. Information sharing via channels like electronic mails, intenet calls and peer to peer information broadcasting within the organization setup is only possible where there is the supply of the internet.

The work of an internet service provider is to supply internet as a utility to persons and businesses in need of the supply. The internet service provider, therefore, ensures that you are connected and remain connected as long as you have need of the internet. Service providers also exist to offer technical support on issues that consumers may have from time to time. The services of internet service providers fall into three major categories that are discussed below.

The deployment of the internet service network is the first category of the services of internet service providers. This service is meant for setting the supply network or the infrastructure that is needed for the actual supply of the internet. Some of the things done in this category include the deployment of supply cables, internet switches and boosters to magnify the internet signal in the network. The actual supply of the internet cannot be done without the completion of this category of service. There are cases where some internet service suppliers may contract other service providers to do this step for them.

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The actual supply of internet to the consumers is the second step in the cycle of internet distribution cycle. This stage brings you the service on a day to day basis. The supply infrastructure can be free or paid for. in order that business operations remain uninterrupted, it ought to establish that the service is uninterrupted whenever it is needed.

In conclusion, there is the category of supporting the supply of the service. Support of internet as a service is key in order to ensure that the distribution meets the set service level agreements made between the business and the provider. Support at this stage may be done on the supply infrastructure to ensure that it is in a working state at all times and that it doesn’t fail when it is unexpected. Lastly, support is also done in a case where the service is disrupted due to a breakdown of the infrastructure in order to restore its supply. To summarize, therefore, support is meant to maintain the supply of service to the consumers.

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